Trucking & Customs

Customs Declaration

Cargo customs department has a professional supply chain operations team, proficient in business of international trade documents, familiar with the customs and entry-exit inspection and quarantine of the customs clearance process; Has the rights to import and export customs declaration and customs declaration of experience for many years, can be in Hong Kong and the mainland as there is no right of import and export business agent import and export customs declaration. Can provide customers with the pearl river delta region and throughout the country land, sea, air and other customs surveillance zone import and export agent services and consulting, specific include:

Import customs clearance service:

Agent general trade import customs declaration, to apply for import approval, 3 c certification, advances, import duties and VAT; Duty-free manual import customs declaration; The inspection certification, import commodity inspection, the epidemic area disinfection, wood packaging declaration, inspection and quarantine; To apply for ATA exhibits and customs clearance; Provide shenzhen to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan freight lines, international air transport, international maritime transport of goods.

Trailer Service

Cargo trailers provide around to shenzhen guangdong each terminal (shekou, yantian port, shenzhen bay port, chiwan) of the cargo trailer, customs declaration one-stop services, the company formally signed the team 73, may at any time to mobilize more than seven hundred vehicles, including a variety of trailers, tons of cars, special transport vehicles, to meet the various logistics needs of customers at any time. Signing drivers are many years of experience in real fuck, a veteran driver, familiar with shenzhen each port of customs supervision and customs field operation process.

At the same time to make your goods safe to send and receive timely, logistics company is equipped with a large warehouse, parking lot, bring your own team combined with transport fleet, with large, medium and small various models of freight vehicles, to provide "door-to-door", "warehouse to warehouse" quality logistics freight service.

Our advantages:

1, the most flat price, we signed is guangdong region's largest, most complete qualification team.

2, the most resources, we have 73 signing of the team, the company may at any time to mobilize all kinds of vehicles more than seven hundred, can fully meet your all kinds of logistics demand season.

3, the fastest customs clearance, allianz, high-quality professional customs declaration, and long-term legal customs clearance records, maximum limit reduces the customs check goods rate; Keep good communication relationship with customs for a long time, can timely handle the problems in the process of customs clearance.

4, safe and smooth, we signed the vehicle, all equipped with GPS satellite positioning system, understand the motion of the vehicle location at any time, which can guarantee the safety of the goods, and to guide the vehicle bypass block sections, ensure to factory on time, on time to the warehouse.

5, monthly service, high-quality customers to our long-term cooperation, only those qualified through inspection, can sign on the agreement, alleviate the pressure of logistics financing for the customer.

Export customs declaration services:

Pay agent general trade export customs declaration, export customs declaration, duty-free manual export declaration; Refund port of export tax rebates, materials for examination and approval and customs clearance; Export commodity inspection, certificate of origin, fumigation certificate, the export of inspection in single; And receiving foreign exchange receipts and payments and foreign exchange verification arrangements; The whole insurance; Provide shenzhen to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan freight lines, international air transport, international maritime transport of goods.

Hong Kong import and export customs declaration:

Hong Kong imports: import and export agency network, we have wide flexibility to arrange all kinds of air, sea and land transportation business. Before import the goods arrived in Hong Kong, deal with the commodity inspection, all relatived inspections, quota, license, such as the various files needed to import, after the goods arrived in Hong Kong, using dahuang, man kam to and sha tau kok and futian free trade zone four land ports such as Hong Kong special line freight, we can arrange import customs clearance of goods and flexible cargo transshipment. General import goods imports from Hong Kong to declare in the day, the day the goods into the territory of shenzhen, and arrange transport across the country in the day.

Hong Kong exports: for some port normal declaration in the mainland have difficulty of sensitive goods, refused to accept the goods or the mainland ports, or domestic cargo agent cannot transport of goods, such as dangerous goods, the control objects, we can arrange the goods shipped to Hong Kong first, and then through Hong Kong transit by air or sea, will the goods sent to all over the world.

The distribution of business:

Yantian port customs clearance department Shekou customs department Dahuang customs department Man kam to customs department

Shenzhen bay customs department department of shenzhen airport customs bonded area customs department

Business advantages:

1 documents, fast production and delivery;

2, the high quality of the customs declaration, inspection personnel: qualified customs and approval of entry and exit inspection and quarantine organ, the related policy have a comprehensive understanding, and have strong ability of business operations and enthusiasm, professional service;

3, convenient customs clearance.