Air Transportation
Cargo department using the three largest international airport in Hong Kong, shenzhen and guangzhou flights populated advantages, seize the good opportunity of the China's accession to the WTO logistics industry vigorous development, with the help of southern China developed highway network, equipped with safe and fast trucking, play the free trade port of Hong Kong and shenzhen bonded area and other aspects of the policy advantages, allianz airfreight department based in shenzhen, constantly to expand throughout the country, with the help of efficient road transportation network and allianz global department professional customs clearance ability, for the domestic and foreign manufacturers and traders to provide comprehensive high quality service for import and export.

Air export: airfreight department with Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou airport dozens of famous international airlines such as direct flights and transshipment cargo business all over the world, with more than a dozen well-known airlines established close relations of cooperation, can ensure the shipping space at the same time to obtain the most preferential freight rate agreement. At the same time, with the Hong Kong combination, complementary advantages, plenty of cargo airlines launch its own package board service, lower operating costs.

Air import: by allianz global airfreight department foreign agent network, customers can enjoy air import services from all over the world. For ordinary direct air import of the goods, allianz global air can according to customer's need, instructs the overseas agent to arrange the goods from abroad to domestic major cities. For air import need to transfer, or is the air cargo import customs clearance formalities trival, generally recommend Hong Kong transshipment, flexible choice port and customs clearance, to ensure smooth delivery in a timely manner import air cargo to all parts of the country, save time and cost for the customer.

Our company specialized is engaged in international air freight business, in good faith for this, the customer supreme service idea, to escort you trust every vote goods. Advantage routes including Europe, America, Middle East, southeast Asia. Main cooperation airline EY, AM, EK, CA, QR, W5, etc. To establish a stable good relations of cooperation, meet different business needs.

The advantage of our service:

1. Global network coverage, the company existing more than 1000 overseas long-term cooperation agent distribution around the world, service coverage, global market agent signing package board air freight advantage, it can fully meet customer requirements.

2. To undertake the world's largest airport air import to Hong Kong, macau and south China area airports (shenzhen/guangzhou/Hong Kong, etc.).

3. The door to door services: foreign arrange trailer door to door delivery, warehousing (if necessary), export customs clearance, cargo transportation insurance agents, exporters origin certificate, certificate of fumigation, ZhiJianZheng and other related services.

4. Will track the goods status, timely feedback information, to ensure the safety of the goods.

5. General trade import customs clearance and Hong Kong express import to China, the company has its own customs clearance department) return inspection certificate and the return of goods, customs clearance, fumigation wooden packaging or wood, exhibition/repaired products such as ATA documents of the customs clearance.

6. Hong Kong transport and domestic genre to gate: Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou has its own team, fully equipped, professional operation team, can be sent to all parts of the country.

7. Storage and value-added services: the company has its own customs supervision within the airport warehouse, storage and price concessions, can deal with transfer business, for customers to save money worry; The company can also provide call, repackaging, stick a label and so on service