Cargo shipping department has a strong service network, professional computer management systems, operating systems and senior freight talents, business skilled employees, the logistics industry has a wealth of experience, to the greatest extent to meet the customers' personalized needs. The abundant enterprise strength and good reputation to make our company won the rich resources of transport capacity.

Company founder through many years of experience in trade circles, the company constantly improve itself, with CSCL, PIL, CSAV, APL, HANJIN, MAERSK, CMA, OOCL, SITC, MSC, three peak, rand, dou yu, long kam shipping companies maintain long-term stable cooperation goods can be safe, efficient, fast and accurate delivery to the customer designated the major ports and cities in the world. My company is willing to forge ahead of the service attitude, keep long-term friendly relations of cooperation with you.

Our company depends on Hong Kong, shenzhen, guangzhou and the pearl river delta region geography advantage specialized is engaged in the international export shipping business, has the understanding to the simple, the world's major ports transport capacity, to undertake export booking, FCL (FCL), LCL (LCL) agent, warehousing, trailer, customs clearance, transit, customs clearance, commodity inspection and other one-stop service.

The international airline business profile:

LCL: mainly is the Singapore, Japan, Europe, South Korea route straight. Shipment, the freight is the obvious advantages of my company, and provide contracting, bundling, packaging, distribution and other related business.

The whole case: the main transport to Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Africa, southeast Asia ports of the goods. Rich experience in practice. With every shipping company and the good cooperation relations, the contract goods is our absolute advantage, can provide customers with more economical, more reliable, more efficient logistics services.

Taiwan's special business profile:

Dongguan, guangzhou, shenzhen and other pearl river delta of the goods, shippers warehousing, consignee pick up the goods. FCL, agent export customs declaration, trailer, tank, price concessions, ageing stability.

The shipping process:

Inquiry, booking, packing, customs declaration, making the bill of lading, to prepare the customs clearance documents, pick up the goods

1, the inquiry: to provide cabinet, cabinet and cabinet cargo weight, port of shipment, port of destination, time of shipment, name, etc. Understand the cut off period, cut the loading time, sailing time, arrival time, etc.

2, arrange BOOKING after taking quotations: fill in the consignment note (BOOKING) BOOKING, timely tracking position paper (S/O), the container before get S/O, called dealership single (all day Saturday and Sunday in the afternoon of the owner is not only one). The container as far as possible before the cut off period 2 days, standing customs clearance time.

3, arrange the trailer loaded ark: provide shipping address, shipping time, contact person, contact phone number.

4, after the container loading into the dock, need to arrange customs clearance (pay customs declaration or general trade tax refund declaration, etc.).

5, check the bill of lading before owner sectional feeding information, payment, and other foreign required for customs clearance formalities (such as: certificate of origin, insurance, etc.)

6, prepare all the customs clearance data sent to foreign customers, the L/C, D/A, D/P bank, foreign customers to arrange customs clearance pick up the goods.

(as long as you a phone call, put the information to our company, we'll help you all the process of operation, allowing you to easily complete the process of shipping.)