LCL warehouse

1: theexporter after received customer's order, contact us to arrange BOOKING, theBOOKING;
2: after received your BOOKING,our company will in the first place "warehousing notice" (BOOKINGCONFIRMATION) fax to your company, your company according to "warehousingnotice" requirements;
(1), acargo customs clearance, need to pieper traffic sent a storehouse, and ready tocustoms clearance data sent to the warehouse together at the same time, to adivision I SunGang sinotrans warehouse office.
(2) ifyour company is in dongguan, customs clearance, transit in shenzhen, need tosend customs control vehicles to the expensive department of loading, thecorresponding fare side would your 100-200;Withina specified time (transport time for the latest cut warehouse the day before 10o 'clock in the morning) sent to the warehouse, the goods delivery process iscompleted;
3: the warehouse afterreceiving your company's customs declaration materials and goods, will be inthe cutter storehouse time, arrange customs declaration.
4: your company after the goodsinto the warehouse and customs declaration, arrange the bill of lading fillmaterial to our company, and check the bill of lading with our companyinformation, and to issue the bill.
5: the expensive departmentmonthly customer (except) when the payment is finished, after the boat to arrangeto receive the original bill of lading or arranged by our company release toyour company.
Shenzhenshipping bulk warehouse situation:
At present are mainlydistributed in shenzhen luohu shenzhen shipping bulk warehouse SunGang andyantian, these belong to bonded warehouse, warehouse directly regulated by thecustoms.More famous warehousewith sinotrans warehouse, bada warehouse, etc
Sinotranswarehouse details: shenzhen luohu district liyuan road 333 outbound warehouse
Toreceive the verification documents such as (refund verification sheet to be 21to 45 days; don't refund the verification should be 15 to 30 days)