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  Our company was established in October 2010, the company registered capital of 5 million, the company will with the best quality service, reasonable prices, the real credit for customers to provide fast, efficient and safe services.Since the company was established with the modern international logistics management mode, fully establish international agent network resources, fully engaged in international shipping, customs clearance, such as a station, type logistics transportation services to meet the needs of different customers.Our company main business is given priority to with container shipping companies, including import and export, sea and land transport of dangerous goods transport, frozen ark special transportation. Our company also established a good relationship with customs and commodity inspection, can timely solve the customs commodity inspection, etc.Operational agent rebates.Scope of business all over the world, comprehensively carries on Europe, Australia, the red sea, Middle East, America, Australia, southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea and other routes, especially in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Japan and South Korea, Taiwan, central and South America and other places on the routes of have the advantage of a strong, stable and has the multinational cooperation agent, can accept the operation of the PPU and PPD.In addition, our company is in shenzhen city administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment, the Chinese ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, general administration of customs approved the registration, have a professional company specialized in import and export rights.Our company is specialized for various manufacturers, exporters agent import and export customs declaration, trailer, booking, origin certificate, pratt & Whitney certificate. The signature of the embassy and other business, freight and document production for export of Egypt is very understanding.We will be rapid, accurate, safe and high quality service for you, welcome to call us.Thank you very much!